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We offer the Kenya National Curriculum but deliver it using a unique learning approach which prepares students to be globally competitive innovators and leaders in the 21st century. Education at Jeverden Highlands will empower your child to drive their future through meaningful, valuable, engaging and collaborative learning experiences. Classes are hands-on, interactive and student-centred, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem. Each student is given individual attention to ensure that their unique talents and abilities are being uncovered and strengthened.

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Our Programs

In kindergarten, pupils are taught basic motor and reading skills in preparation for more intensive learning later on in their lives. Pupils are taught how to read and write the alphabet. In addition to these activities, we encourage pupils to interact with each other during play and drawing times. this heps improve their social skills and makes them more creative.

Competency based Curriculum has just been introduced and is taught to the lower primary section. The teachers are well aware of this curriculum and are helping students cope with it with great success.

This curriculum has been the basis of our education. It is taught to all other students. Class 8 pupils write the KCPE exams every year and achieve great success. Most of them go on to national school. We are proud of our 100% pass rate which we can attribute to both hard work and sacrifice.

Modern boarding facilities.

The boarding facilities at Jeverden are secure and spacious with confortable beds, serving amazing balanced meals therefore offeringa safe and nurturing environment foryour child.

We have a qualified matron and nurse who lives within the school.

We aim to keep a balance between structured routine and time for play and rest. Regular activites engage our borders but there is still time to read a book, play games and occasionally.

Key Objectives

Jeverden Highlands School is dedicated to providing high quality christian education to children between the ages of 4 and 14. Our team is highly qualified and motivated to impact the necessary skills our pupils need in the outside world.

Our school curriculum is based on the 8-4-4 kenyan system. Every year, we present our pupils for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education with a 100% transition rate. We have also recently launched the new Competency Based Curriculum and is currently running smoothly.

In addition to our curricular activities, we engage students in various other activities outside class. These help bring out an all round student. it also enables the students to discover their hidden talents. these include: football, netball and chess.


Parent testimonials

The school performance has greatly improved as our mean grade this year as gone up by ten percent. I would like commend our teachers and adminstration.

Laureen Anyango

PTA Chairperson

I am happy to say that my children have improve on their discipline and even there class performance. Hongera to the school.

Zakaya Mabeya


I just like it that my children are learning from this institution. They have gained vast knowledge in computer to which am illerate. Am jealous and wish I could join and learn too.

Tobinanga Kariuki


My son did his National exams here and am so happy that my son passed so well.

Otieno Anna


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